Session Descriptions

Check out the 2022 break out sessions below!

Attendees will select the sessions they want to attend on the day of the event.

AFSA Education Foundation presents:

MoneySKILL: The Value of Financial Education


The AFSA Education Foundation developed MoneySKILL in 2002 as one of the first online personal finance curriculums. MoneySKILL is designed to educate youth and young adults about money management fundamentals and provide the skills and knowledge to make sound financial decisions. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to utilize the free MoneySKILL curriculum and share our latest teaching resources.

Presenter: Randy Clark

C.A.R.E. Program - U.S. Bankruptcy Court presents:

Financial Literacy Shared Through Real Life Stories


CARE Program, sponsored by the US Bankruptcy Court, offers FREE virtual or in-person financial literacy presentations that judges and lawyers present at schools throughout the state. Our bankruptcy lawyer volunteers share REAL LIFE stories to give your students practical information so they can avoid making choices that can have lasting effects on their financial future.

Presenter: Janet Haigler

EVERFI presents:

Preparing Gen Z for a Financially Literate Future


Banks aren’t always buildings, phones are sometimes wallets, and your babysitter prefers an app to cash. Financial services are changing. Shouldn’t financial literacy? In this session, attendees will explore refreshed personal financial literacy and economics resources on the free EVERFI platform. For best experience, please review beforehand.

Presenter: Jessica Richter

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond presents:

Financing Major Life Decisions


The Federal Reserve System has created a variety of FREE, unbiased resources that can aid students in preparing for life after high school, addressing choices and major financial decisions. You will experience these hands-on resources and leave the session with tools you can implement with your students. Featured resources include Invest in What’s Next, Navigate and more.

Presenter: Yolanda Ferguson

Foundation for Economic Education presents:

Your Cost of Living: Using Budgeting and Data to Explain Inflation's Impact


Young people spend more of their budgets on items with the fastest-rising prices. Join FEE for interactive resources on the financial implications of inflation. You will learn how to use a crowd-sourced cost of living index to generate student interest in budgeting based on real income. You will also receive access to FEE’s teacher programs and educator resource center!


Joel Miller

iCEV MultiMedia presents:

iCEV Online for CTE Curriculum


iCEV provides innovative curriculum aimed at providing students with the focus and preparation needed for successful transition from K-12 to postsecondary studies to career success, along with providing necessary training for the life-long learner both internationally and within industry. Attendees to this session are provided a free, no obligation 60 day trial with student subscriptions. iCEV is your one source for all of your CTE courses.

Presenter: Glenn Perryman

Junior Achievement presents:

JA Finance Park Virtual Launching in SC


JA Finance Park helps students build a foundation upon which they can make intelligent financial decisions that last a lifetime, including decisions related to income, expenses, savings, and credit. The program comprises several teacher-led, in class lessons and a variety of optional, extension activities. The experience culminates in a hands-on, online budgeting simulation. Available for middle and high school students.

Presenter: Matt Morrison

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) presents:

Everything You Need to Teach Personal Finance


From banking and budgeting, to investing and behavioral economics, has all the lessons, activities, exams and games you need to bring Personal Finance to life for your students. In this hands-on session, educators will be able to try out some of the most popular NGPF activities and explore the high-quality, free, and updated resources on the site!

Presenter: Yanely Espinal

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) presents:

5 in 45: Investing


This session will focus on taking investment knowledge and converting it into action. Attend this session and you will be prepared when your students ask "How can we get started investing?" This session explores 5 NGPF curriculum resources ready to implement in the classroom.

Presenter: Yanely Espinal

Ramsey Education presents:

Ramsey Education - Developing SMART Spenders


Foundations in Personal Finance is a curriculum that meets your state’s PF standards and creates life change in students. This session will cover the structure of our new 4th edition and dig into our consumer awareness lessons. Educators will explore resources, activities, and strategies for engaging their students in strengthening their SMART spending habits.


Jessica Britton

SC Department of Consumer Affairs presents:

How Your Social Media Usage Could Affect Your Present and Future


From Tik Tok to Instagram, you more than likely have at least one form of social media that you use on the daily. While social media can be a fun way to connect with friends, family and people across the world, your actions on it could have serious, real life consequences. Come learn about how social media use could affect your ability to get/ keep a job and how scammers are tricking people of ALL ages on every social media platform.


Bailey Parker

South Carolina Department of Education presents:

Business, Finance, and Marketing Updates


Dana Depew is the South Carolina Education Associate for Business, Finance, and Marketing clusters. In this session, changes in CTE Business, Finance, and Marketing as well as current initiatives will be shared. The focus of the workshop is to prepare South Carolina students to become college and career as promoted by the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.


Dana Depew

SC Economics presents:

Five in 45: Engaging Student Contests for Your Classroom


Join me to learn about the five different statewide contests and competitions SC Economics offers your students at NO COST. This session will give a brief overview of each contest and learn about all the fun prizes and money YOU and your students can win!

Presenter: Megan Freiburger

SC Economics presents:

Once Upon a Time in Personal Finance


Children’s literature is not just for elementary students! Learn how to engage all level students by using children’s books to launch lessons or review important personal finance concepts. By exploring several classic examples, participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm ways they could bring these books and others into their classrooms, connecting content with students in a new and fun way.

Presenter: Chandler Jordan

SC Logistics presents:

Supply Chain in Education


We will discuss the economic impact of logistics in SC and career pathways into the supply chain.

If you hold this degree, you can practically choose the industry you want to work in – from aerospace, automotive to healthcare and e-commerce. it’s one of the best business jobs in the world with many different education pathways to get there.

Presenter: Taylor Jackson

W!se - Working in Support of Education presents:

Financially Literate, Financially W!SE


The W!se Financial Literacy Certification Program is an award-winning initiative that supports teachers in providing quality personal finance education and empowers students to become Certified Financially Literate (CFL™). Join W!se for an interactive discussion about personal finance and budgeting and learn about innovative tools for evaluating and improving baseline personal finance knowledge among high school students.

Presenter: Leniere Miley

SCJump$tart Coalition presents:

Creating Climate and Culture as a Personal Finance Educator


Building on the principle of collective teacher efficacy, this session will explore specific ways to build school culture through intentional collaboration across disciplines while teaching Personal Finance. As educators, we will learn ways to advocate for ourselves, each other, and our students to build positive momentum for increased student achievement - through the teaching of Personal Finance core concepts!

Presenter: Sarah Ostergaard