Session Descriptions

2023 SC Finance Forum - Session Titles and Descriptions 

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AFSA Education Foundation presents:

MoneySKILL®: Free Online Personal Finance Course


Learn more about how you can use the free, online MoneySKILL curriculum in your classroom to teach students about personal finance. Topics include everything from budgeting and investing to student loans and vehicle financing. In this session, we’ll show you how to access the free curriculum, review materials online, and discuss the benefits it provides to you and your students. 

Presenter:  Randy Clark 

C.A.R.E. Program - U.S. Bankruptcy Court presents:

Financial Literacy Shared Through Real Life Stories


CARE Program, sponsored by the US Bankruptcy Court, offers FREE virtual or in-person financial literacy presentations that judges and lawyers present at schools throughout the state. Our bankruptcy lawyer volunteers share REAL LIFE stories to give your students practical information so they can avoid making choices that can have lasting effects on their financial future.

Presenter: Janet Haigler 

EVERFI presents:

Preparing Gen Z for a Financially Literate Future


Banks aren’t always buildings, phones are sometimes wallets, and your babysitter prefers an app to cash. Financial services are changing. Shouldn’t financial literacy? In this session, attendees will explore refreshed personal financial literacy and economics resources on the free EVERFI platform. For best experience, please review beforehand. 

Presenter: Jonathan Barnes 

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond presents:

Preparing Students for the Jobs of the Future


How can we prepare students for the jobs of the future? Get access to a customizable activity to accompany Invest in What's Next that will help expose your students to the careers that are growing in your region and the different education paths to achieve their goals! Leave with a hands-on activity that is tailored for YOUR students!

Presenter: Sarah Gunn 

Foundation for Economic Education  presents:

A Case for Diversification: A Lesson on Better Investing


Elevate your teaching game through active learning! Attendees will receive an interactive lesson plan on better investing through diversification. Gain actionable insights into the expanded realm of asset classes, including real estate, commodities, and mutual funds! Equip your students with the tools to make informed investment choices and mitigate risk through diversification. Exclusive giveaways await making this a session you won't want to miss. 


Joel Miller

Founders Federal Credit Union   presents:

Real-Life Budgeting Experience


Stacey Adams

Trey Cauthen


Learn how Founders Federal Credit Union uses the Mad City Money experience to empower students and special needs groups to navigate through complex financial situations with a real-life budgeting simulation. It’s not how much you make - but what you do with it.  

Financial Education | Founders Federal Credit Union ( 

Greenlight for Classrooms presents:

Animated Video Lessons for K-12 Personal Finance 


This session for all grade levels showcases the new Greenlight for Classrooms library — free personal finance lessons with 100+ bite-sized videos mapped to South Carolina standards. Jennifer Seitz, Certified Financial Education Instructor and Director of Education at Greenlight, will highlight fun strategies to set students on a path to financial success with personal finance knowledge.

 Presenter: Jennifer Seitz 

iCEV MultiMedia presents: 

iCEV Online for CTE Curriculum


iCEV provides innovative  curriculum aimed at providing students with the focus and preparation needed for successful transition from K-12 to postsecondary studies to career success, along with providing necessary training for the life-long learner both internationally and within industry.  Attendees to this session are provided a free, no obligation 60 day trial with student subscriptions. iCEV is  your one source for all of your CTE courses. 

Presenter: Amy Lamb 

Increasing H.O.P.E. Financial  Training Center presents:

Discovering Your Money Mindset


What are your money motivators?  This engaging, interactive exercise will help you discover the intense emotional experiences that have influenced your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors about money.  Finally, discover the script you've written that has shaped your money mindset.     


Dorothea Bernique 

Junior Achievement presents:

JA Personal Finance Semester Long Course


This comprehensive curriculum is correlated to meet all South Carolina's Learning Standards and fulfill the course requirements for this half unit credit laid out by the state. By incorporating teacher-led materials, virtual simulations, self-guided student sessions and professional business volunteer engagement, South Carolina students will participate in an engaging world of financial awareness to prepare them for post graduate life.

Presenter: Bette Bronson 

Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) presents:

NGPF's Top 5:   Favorite Resources for the Personal Finance Classroom


This session will focus on providing engaging NGPF resources to use with a personal finance curriculum.  Teachers will have the opportunity to explore multiple resources available on the NGPF website, always FREE. 

Presenter: Christian Sherrill 

Ramsey Education presents:

Opportunity Cost and Post-Secondary Education


Our education system tends to encourage all students to go to college, and while each student should have that option, each student should also be free to pursue the option that best fits their talent, passion and budget. In this session, participants will learn strategies and receive resources that will help set their students up for success after high school.


Elliott Chambers 

SC Association of Certified Public Accountants presents:

The Importance of Financial Literacy and Avoiding Fraud


Mastering financial literacy is an essential life skill that can have a profound impact on your future financial well-being. By understanding the basics of personal finance and learning how to protect yourself from financial fraud, you are taking a significant step towards a more secure and prosperous future.

Presenter: Katharine Keller  

SC Department of Consumer Affairs presents:

How Social Media Usage Could Affect Your Present and Future


a.m. = A presentation on how the information on social media can cause scammers to take our youth's identity and scam them out of money. It also touches on how important the information you put out in the world can change your life.

Presenter:  Bailey Parker 

p.m. = LifeSmarts is a free real- world program for middle and high schoolers. They will have the opportunity to compete in a quiz bowl and win several different scholarships.

Presenter:  Icess Booker 

SC Department of Education presents: 

Virtual Resources for South Carolina Teachers to Support Personal Finance


Presenters will showcase resources available in the SC Instruction Hub and via Virtual SC that support the new Personal Finance course standards. The offices of Career and Technical Education and Virtual Education have collaborated to provide curated resources and full virtual courses that can help students meet this new graduation requirement.


Dana Depew and Deirdre Edwards   

SC Economics presents:

Implementing Statewide Competitions in your K-12 Classrooms


Join me to learn about the five different statewide contests and competitions SC Economics offers your students at NO COST. This session will give a brief overview of each contest and learn about all the fun prizes and money YOU and your students can win!

Presenter:  Megan Freiburger

SC Economics presents:

Interactive Personal Finance


Join us to explore fun and interactive ways to engage students in personal finance. We will learn through play as we explore free resources that support teachers and meet the needs of our diverse student population 

Presenter:  Chandler Jordan

W!se - Working in Support of Education presents:

Financially Literate, Financially W!SE


The W!se Financial Literacy Certification Program is an award-winning initiative that supports teachers in providing quality personal finance education and empowers students to become Certified Financially Literate (CFL™). Join W!se for an interactive discussion about personal finance and budgeting and learn about innovative tools for evaluating and improving baseline personal finance knowledge among high school students. 

 Presenter: Aayush Deo